APBF Author

Intellectual Capital Expertise APBF has established an intellectual hub to drive the generation of relevant, knowledge-based and culturally enhancing African content. The intellectual hub is supported by distinguished scholars of African and African-American studies and proven public service television industry professionals.

Work undertaken thus far is based on thoroughly researched African story arc narratives & themes. These in summary, are as follows:

  • Memory and Contestation.
  • Governance, Power & Authority.
  • Political Economy of Development.
  • Health, Healing and Ritual Practice.
  • Popular Culture, Art, and Performance.

The intent is to develop relevant African public service television channels – Made for Africans by Africans – that will uplift and inspire tens of millions of African television viewers, whilst achieving increased profitability through innovative business modelling and the effective marketing of APBF published digital content.

Fund Raising Expertise APBF will also establish an Industry Policy Think-Tank comprising a select and dynamic group of successful African visionaries and corporate luminaries.

The role of the Think-Tank is to design an innovative policy framework to ensure the successful roll out of a pan-African digital ecosystem. The Think Tank will drive multiple private financing initiatives spanning the continent of Africa. It will work with Governments across Africa to identify and empower Telecom Media & Technology (TMT) entrepreneurs on the continent to succeed.